URGENT call for short EVS Volunteer in Turkey

We are looking for a FEMALE volunteer for 2 months in Turkey (seaside). We have 3 volunteers but we need one more because one of the volunteers has just gave up the project. Project will start on 11 August and finish on 11 October (2 month).
The project is in Akçay-Balıkesir/Turkey.Akçay is a seaside town.
We have a full furnished summerhouse also internet.During the project our volunteers will work at disable children school, kindergarten and summer festivals. You have just few days to think about it
Decide and send us to your CV and motivation letter.

Volunteer tasks – Role and functions of the volunteers:

The volunteer's role will be to assist in organizing the event, contributing heavily to the success of the event. The Volunteers will be involved in tasks related to all initiatives that will happen in the event, as well as support team organization, partner organizations, participants and guests.

The activities that the volunteer will perform are divided into different areas from which he / she has some pre-selected. After the arrival of volunteers, the tasks will be discussed and revised. Division of labor will depend on the specific profile of the volunteer.


Rehabilitation Centre: Helping disabled children during the activities

Kindergarten: Teaching Basic English to children, playing games

Festivals: Giving information about the EVS, attend the activities


Food and Accommodation:  The volunteer will be hosted in an apartment with different youngsters from different countries, background, knowledge, culture and language.

In this way, the volunteer will share the apartment with other EVS volunteers who will create a multicultural atmosphere, and they will be able to support each other once they will be in the same situation.

The apartment will be localized in center and provided to the volunteer an apartment totally equipped (washing machine, dishware, sheets, blankets, towels, bed clothes for the entire period of the project)with double or triple bedroom with fully equipped kitchen, toilet, laundry facilities and living room.

The volunteer will share the room with other persons from the same gender.

Check-In Association will provide 120€ to cover costs of food. The food allowance is paid in the beginning of month. The volunteer can use the food money as wished (ex: to buy own food, cook in the apartment, eat in a restaurant, etc.).

Holidays: The volunteer will work 30-35 hours a week. The volunteer has two days off per week.

Local Transport: for working place service buss, Akçay is a small city so there are mini buss for transportation

Working hours and days off: The volunteer will do 6 hours on a daily basis.

Language training: Language training will be organized by the organization

Training and support: Ongoing support will be given to volunteers throughout the projects by the staff in the organization and appointed mentor will provide additional support. Initially, a weekly meeting will take place with the work supervisor and the manager to clarify tasks and integrate the input of volunteers. These meeting will also include ongoing evaluation of and reflection on the project.

Ongoing support in social integration, reinforcing learning and personal support will be provided by the appointed mentors in the hosting organizations. It is forbidden drinking alcohol in camp. Hosting organization hosts underage teenagers and promotes healthy way of life.

Contact will be maintained between volunteer and the Sending Organization and the volunteers family. The host will facilitate access to Internet and Skype/MSN to encourage a support from home.


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Poziv je otvoren do 16:00 srijeda 06.08.2014.

CV i Motivaciono pismo ISKLJUČIVO NA ENGLESKOM jeziku poslati na mail:  volonteriyia@gmail.com