We are looking for 3 participant “Included Youth for Better Future”, 20-29 August 2012, Struga, Macedonia

Included Youth for Better Future

Type of the project: Training course,3.1
Date and venue: 20-29 August 2012, Struga, Macedonia
The proposed project address the social and economic imbalances associated with minority communities which have led to the development of disabled youth, where diversity is also accompanied by poverty and often with marginalization.
Developing opportunities for social excluded youth to participate in their communities certainly represents a challenge. These changes require organisations and youth workers to do the things in different ways.
This project aims to develop youth workers and leaders inclusively work skills, teaching them for the most attractive activities which are used in the field of social inclusion and active citizenship, such as street animation and campaigns methods.
  • To explore different ways to fight against social exclusion and to discuss the opportunities it can be promoted and fostered;
  • To stimulate young marginalized people`s participation in local communities
  • To facilitate the development of inclusively youth work and contribute to an inclusive society
  • To familiarize participants’ with the YiA approaches to social exclusion and active citizenship principles