We looking for 3 participants, YiA T.C. “Create plan for change”

We looking for 3 participants, Youth in Action,  Training Course “Create plan for change”, that  will be held in Delcevo, Macedonia from 10th until 17th April 2012

Aim: To provide new tools for the organizations to capture the community’s attention to an important issue related to global environmental challenges and climate change.

1st. We will have Intercultural evening, where you should tell a joke about your culture, share one unique fact about your country and present a campaign from your country in max 5 min, the one that left you the biggest impression.

2nd. You can bring some material from your organization. If you cannot, than do not worry, you need to know some information.

3rd. Weather in this period is very unpredictable. During daytime can go up to 25 degrees, and at night can be very cold. I would recommend that you take diverse cloths.

4th. One day is planned to go in nature, so you can take comfortable walking shoes with you.

5th. We will be accommodated in hotel Makedonija, in the center of the town. There is not a bus station, and the bus will leave you on the street. From there the hotel is like 10 min walking. You will be accommodated in rooms with three people. Last time there was a towel, but I would ask you for security everyone to take also one J.