We need 4 participants for project “Give me 5 minutes of your time!”, 21 – 30 June,Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia

We need 4 participants for project  “Give me 5 minutes of your time!”, 21 – 30 June,Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia

The summary of the project

The problem of violence-encompassing anything from domestic abuse to violence defining relations between entire groups, communities and nations, stems largely from an ill-adopted gender- and sex pattern during the process of socialization. It is at this point that a division occurs, separating ‘the strong’ from ‘the weak’, torturers from the tortured, ‘the superior’ from ‘the inferior’. Among those worst afflicted by this are girls, subject to all forms of gender stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination. Young people of adolescent age, inhibited by their bodily urges, their developing sexuality, and the rigid demands from within their surroundings, shape their personalities in such a way that a proneness to conflict, intolerance and misogyny become established forms of their everyday dealings. Hence, preventive action at this particular age proves conducive to mitigating tensions in interpersonal relations, to promoting tolerance and peace. The project is intended for informing young people in 9 countries on the subject of gender-based violence. The project aims at raising the awareness of gender-based violence and gender equality through informing and instructing with a view to eliminating any such violence. The project itself is meant to motivate young people into assuming an active role in bringing about changes in their own surroundings, and to inspire creative action so as to bring the issue of gender inequality to the attention of respective local communities. We are planning to gather together in one place, in Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia, young people from 9 countries in order to arrange for and stage a performance simulating all manner of gender-based violence, providing striking examples of gender inequality.
Date of the exchange is   21/06 – 30/06.2012.

Aims of the project

1) informing, educating and raising awareness among young people from 9 countries on the subject of discrimination and gender-based abuse with a view to their elimination by means of mobilising entire communities in combating this phenomenon;

2) making young people from 9 countries familiar with the concept of discrimination and gender-based abuse, especially that of young girls and boys from impoverished countries;

3) motivating young people from impoverished countries into assuming an active role in bringing about changes in their own respective areas of residence


• gender and sex

• gender identity and roles

• power relations in society

• abuse of power

• discrimination and antidiscrimination

• sexual orientation–based discrimination

• sexism

• misogyny

• gender-equal society

• violence

• gender-based abuse

• gender and sexuality in young people

• adolescent relationships

• abuse in young people’s relationships

• models of adopting aggressive behavior

• psychological abuse

• abuse in emotional relationships