YiA 3.1. Youth Exchange “Respect difference – dance together”

YiA 3.1. Youth Exchange “Respect difference – dance together”
Date of activity 17.02.-27.02.2013
APV meeting 14.01.-16.01.2013

The YE “Respect difference – dance together” is a project dealing with dance choreography as a tool for expression of one’s opinion on a given matter.

The aim of this youth exchange would be to draw a choreography picture about how young people see poverty and marginalized groups in their countries and how they see their inclusion in the mainstream society. Participants would use dances from national popular cultures as ICL methods to present the gravity of how people in poverty and in excluded social groups live in their countries and how they understand poverty and social excluded groups through dance. Using dance as a tool, it will challenge assumptions about gender, ethnic identity, political, religious and cultural context in which lives are lived in the global European society. The participants would have the opportunity to perform the dances for inclusion during the projects in front of the audience.

This Youth exchange is follow up of project from Macedonia…..

Group: 1 leader + 4 participants
If you are interested to be partner send us documents till 25.05.2102.