YiA T.C. in Romania they are looking for participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Adina Marina Calafateanu
Looking for participants from Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Bosnia, Moldova for an approved training course on Diversity Management in Romania – 13 to 19 of July!
adina@cdcd.ro for details!

TC on Diversity Management – European Youth Foundation – Council of Europe, planned for July 13th to 19th of July in Craiova, Romania. The TC Romales aims at equipping 21 youth workers and youth leaders with tools and methods on working with youth from minorities’ groups and with youth with ethnic background. The TC Romales aims at:

– promoting management of diversity tools and methods to the youth workers and youth leaders working with the specified target.
– developing new tools and methodologies through the participants’ contribution on working with diversity management methods
– developing a network of active NGO working with groups with youth with ethnic and national background.
The TC will be implemented in Craiova, Romania and will be hosted in http://pensiunea.flormang.ro/. The financial conditions for participantion are the following:
– meals and acommodation costs covered 100%
– visa costs to be covered 100%
– transport costs – 70% covered (in Craiova)
– a participation fee of 20 eur deduced from the transport reimbursement
In case you would be interested into recruting participants for this TC, I would kindly ask you to let me know! At the moment, the programme is being developed by 2 experienced trainers and will be available soon!