YiA youth exchange in Sarajevo has Approved

Youth exchange “I don't know – I will ask”

Project is based on development of communication skills, cooperation, dealing with prejudices, differences, with own power and responsibilities.
Main goal of the exchange is: introduction in basic concepts of non-violent communication, its application in everyday events and new approach. Participants will learn how to take responsibility, and how to use their own power. Necessary element for development of peace and civic society is constant work on non-violent communication.
Recognizing that violent communication problem whose solution must be approached as  seriously we decided to use this exchange.
Our goal is to emphasize the importance of non-violent communication between people, and jointly tries to find a way to transition from violent to non-violent communication.
Exchange will deal with the following themes: communication/non-violence communication, team work, decision making, perception, understanding conflict, violence, prejudices and stereotypes, power, leadership, gender role in society, building trust, identity/ national identity, differences, multiculturalism, interculturalism, non-violent action, dealing with fear, mediating
Shall apply an interactive approach of providing  learning  through experience and active exchange of knowledge between participants. Methods and techniques: presentation, group work, pair work, guided discussion, role games, different creative techniques …

This project include 40 participants from 8 country….