Youth exchange “How different, so much similar” in Vrnjacka banja, Serbia 12/05 – 22/05 2012.

Date of the exchange is   12/05 – 22/05.2012.

Total duration of the Activity (in days), including travel days : 10 days in Vrnjacka banja (Serbia). 

The partners countries: BiH, Turkey, Italy, Republic of Macedonia, Czech Republic, Albania, Portugal and Serbia.

Aims of the project:

– Indicate the importance of cultural diversity  and  to promote intercultural dialogue among participants with different cultural backgrounds and different traditions

– to encourage dialogue among cultures with a view to ensuring wider and balanced cultural exchanges in the world in favor of intercultural respect and a culture of peace;

– to promote respect for the diversity of cultural expressions and raise awareness of its value at the local, national and international levels;

– to be aware of importance of cultural diversity and raise sense of tolerance and understanding other cultures;


– To promote mutual cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious diversity;

– creating a framework for sharing common values;

– Cultural identity and respect for difference

– Prejudice, stereotype and discrimination

– Cultural Majority/minority

– Informing young people of the problem

– Active participation in disseminating information

– Basic knowledge of the performance and techniques of the forum-theatre