Javni poziv za 3 učesnika/ce iz BiH projekat ‘UNDERSTANDING FAKE NEWS: DEVELOPING MEDIA LITERACY IN OUR COMMUNITIES“ 05 – 13 November 2023 November in Nova Gradiška, Croatia

OUR COMMUNITIES”, we want to equip youth workers with the necessary knowledge and skills to help young people identify, differentiate, and combat fake news. We want to empower youth workers with the skills to help young people become aware of the potential dangers of fake news and think critically about the information presented to them. This TC will provide youth workers with access to non-formal methods of work, such as interactive exercises and role-playing, to help them in their work with youth. We want to ensure that youth workers are equipped with the necessary tools and skills to help young people identify, challenge, and resist the spread of fake news and to be able to provide support to young people who may affected by it. The training course will be addressed to 27 participants, including 2 trainers/facilitators and 1 accompanying person.

Croatia will ensure 7 people (2 trainers/facilitators, 1 accompanying person and 4 participants)
Turkey will ensure 4 participants
Spain will ensure 4 participants
Serbia will ensure 3 participants
Bosnia and Hercegovina will ensure 3 participants
Italy will ensure 3 participants
Romania will ensure 3 participants.
TC will be held in Nova Gradiška, Croatia from 5 until 13 November 2023. ( 5th is the arrival day and 13th the departure date). The course of the program follows the general principles of non-formal learning. The objectives set and the program that accompanies them enable us to achieve them while being
aligned participants’ needs.

You have to send your application to e-mail: udruga.zazeli@gmail.com