Open call for 2 EVS volunteers in Sofia, Bulgaria

Youth Volunteers (Mladi Volonteri) announces a CALL for 2 participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina for short term EVS in Sofia, Bulgaria


  • Venue: Sofia, Bulgaria;
  • Start: 11th of August 2018;
  • End: 08th of October 2018;
  • Duration: 59 days (2 months) – short term;
  • Number of Vacancies: 2;
  • Deadline to apply: 01st of June 2018;
  • EVS Accreditation number: 2016-1-BG01-KA110-024094;
  • This call is open to participants from: Bosnia and Herzegovina (2 participants)

During the EVS project volunteers will have provided POCKET MONEY, ACCOMMODATION and PAID LOCAL TRANSPORTATION (if that would be needed by projects)


Bulgarian Sports Development Association was founded in 2010 and is a nonprofit public benefit organization devoted to the development of Bulgarian sport and improving sporting culture in Bulgaria! Our team is young, creative and full of innovative spirit that works for development of Bulgarian sport and enhance the sport culture in Bulgaria with a desire and motivation. We also organize different events in the areas of: entrepreneurship, citizenship and active society. The team of the orgasation consists of professionals from different fields as: sport experts, media specialists, tourism and hospitality, education, marketing and others. We believe that sport should be part of a modern life of children and young people and should create in them values such as motivation, discipline, fair play. Sport is also be a excellent way to prevent many of the problems with young people such as social exclusion, violence, crime and addictions.Moreover, as an association we have all the responsibilities related to management, planning and coordination of the activities that we create, providing the safe environment and quality control for them as well. Some of the activities, that will be implemented during the EVS experience are listed below:

1) Sport events logistics: organization of sport events, held in Bulgaria during the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU (International conference – June 2018) and also some sport events for kids, open training sessions;

2) Training sessions: supporting sport sessions for partner sport clubs – athletic, golf and tennis trainings, trainings to kids and youngsters with disabilities, open training sessions in sport clubs and schools;

3) Workshops organization and delivery: volunteers will organize and deliver one workshop per month that will be focused on the volunteering opportunities for young people and why they are really important;

4) Skills development: support to the implementation of the current projects that BSDA is working on and learning the process of creating Erasmus+ Projects;

5) Communication: management of the official web site of the association and the Facebook profile.
EVS volunteers we are looking for should be youth /social workers/Sport coaches/PA teachers/Education teachers or youth leaders active within their organization and specialists who already have experience in youth work and sport activities, but wants to increase their practical skills and at the same time to share experience. The EVS volunteers we are looking for should be: young people 18 – 30 years old, with different background and experience that are interested in the topic of sports development and are motivated to develop their competences in inter-cultural dialogue and Sport.

The participants that we want to involve are 18+, but preferably 25+; Gender balance rule 50:50 will be guaranteed in the selection procedure and followed by every partner organization. All the

activities in the EVS program are developed the way they are 100% equal for men/woman/undefined participants.

The profile of the ideal candidate:

– Youth /social workers, sport coaches/specialists or youth leaders active within their organization;

– Be motivated to develop their competencies in intercultural dialogue and Sport;

– Already have experience in working with young people, organizing initiatives and projects;

– Be able to act as a multiplier in our local community, ensuring the snowfall effect;

– Be committed to attend for the full duration of the EVS;

– Preferable age – 25+;

– Able to speak in English, basic level of language knowledge is required.


Skills to be developed/improved: Ability to interact with different cultures and environments and to communicate in a foreign language; building awareness about participation and involvement in local volunteer activities; actively participating in society; increasing self-confidence and responsibility; learning the real work behind an organization of events, workshops and courses; turning ideas into action through planning, organization and management; ability to solve problems and conflicts in a group; learning to work in teams, learning the process of how is working the EU.

EVS volunteer’s tasks:


  • Supporting the organization and administration of sport projects;
  • Organization of 2 workshops during the period of the EVS – EVS as tool for gaining skills and knowledge and Volunteering matters;
  • Promotion of the idea behind European Voluntary Service, Erasmus+ and European citizenship;
  • Training sessions: providing sport sessions for partner sport clubs – golf and tennis trainings, trainings to kids and youngsters with disabilities, open training sessions in sport clubs and schools;
  • Communication: management of the official web site of the association and the Facebook profile
  • Promoting the activities of the association and the volunteer in the social media space by regularly updating our blog and Facebook page.


  • Learning and helping with the creation of projects and youth exchanges within the Erasmus+ program.

What can the volunteers expect from the experience:

The volunteer can expect to experience and learn a lot about a foreign culture in an interesting way, because the life in the city of Sofia is vivid and colorful. The volunteer will also have the opportunity to participate in the organization of many sport activities, games and events and learn quite a bit about how that organization happens and how all of this activities affect the community of the city. At the end the volunteer will acquire a lot of cultural knowledge and skills that would be helpful for his/hers personal and professional development in the future. And last but not least, the volunteer will get a formal certificate in order to prove that.

In terms of service and learning opportunities the EVS volunteers will be able to develop several competencies, in order to improve their performance, such as:

* Ability to interact with different cultures and environments and to communicate in a foreign language;

* Building awareness about participation and involvement in local volunteer activities;

* Actively participating in society;

* Increasing self confidence;

* Learning the real work behind an organization of events, workshops and courses;

* Turning ideas into action through planning, organization and management;

* Ability to solve problems and conflicts in a group;

* Cooperating in teams.

In order to receive applications of candidates for EVS project, we will promote a transparent recruitment process by placing the information in all social networks.


Lodging: food / accommodation:

The volunteers will be accommodated in shared apartment/dormitory in Sofia with the other volunteer. The volunteer will have to share the shower and toilet with other volunteer. The apartment or the dormitory will be close to National sports academy, where we are realizing many of our activities. The organization will provide food money (120 euro per month) to the volunteers and they will be able to choose their food. Amount is sufficient for shopping and preparing food by him(her)self as well as for eating outside from time to time. In the neighborhood where they will be accommodated there are multiple places for meals and supermarkets to buy food for home. Volunteers will receive also 177 euro pocket money per the period of the EVS experience, made on two payment to use as he(she) sees fit.

The volunteer will be provided with all of the essential household appliances that he (she) might need. The electricity and water are covered by the hosting organization. Internet connection is not facilitated by the hosting organization.

Working hours:

The volunteer will work seven hours each day five working days of the week. Each week she/he will have two free days at the weekend. National holidays are free.

Local transportation:

All the working places are in the walking distance, so, the volunteer will not need any transportation. Any transport in connection with the project will be covered by the host organization. Those costs will be calculated and paid in advance.

Risk prevention:

We will prevent risks and crises by:

– integration activities (overcoming language barriers, ice breaking games);

– organizing individual meetings with the volunteer and mentor;

– we will inform the volunteer about his/ her rights, regulations in our organization, consequences of unacceptable behavior;

– the volunteer will have the opportunity to stay in contact with his/her family/ sending organization via Skype, e-mail or telephone;

– release negative emotions through meetings, talks and excursions.

Training and support:

The mentor will offer constant support and personal assistance to the volunteer.

Applicant organization/sending organization/hosting organization is responsible for the volunteer’s insurance, all the parties are obliged to get acquainted with the insurance rules.

Travel costs:

The travel costs will be 100% reimbursed. For the reimbursement please keep all the original tickets, invoices and boarding passes. The reimbursement will be done accordingly to the amount of the tickets, the maximum amount that can be reimburse for each country can be found in the table below. If the travel costs are bigger that the specified amount then, the extra amount is supported by the partner organization or by the participant.


Partner country: Maximum reimbursement amount:
Bosnia and Herzegovina 180 euro
Portugal 360 euro
Slovakia 275 euro


Anyone interested may fill  EVS-APPLICATION-FORM and send it together with their CV and motivation letter (in English) to:

 before the 01st of June 2018. We will select candidates for interviews and inform them no later than the 15th of June 2018.  The interviews will be held on Skype the 15th and 20th of June 2018.

We made changes of EVS dates because we want to involve and recruitment and the volunteers for more interesting activities and events. Volunteers will be able to join 3 events more – 2 international badminton championships and organizing European week of sport 2018.